Frequently Asked questions

  • What is

    full spectrum CBD?

    As the name implies, "full spectrum" indicates that this form of cannabis extract contains the entire spectrum of the plant’s close to 800 compounds (of which close to 300 are cannabinoids) that have been clearly identified so far, including CBD.

    These medicinally useful elements interact in a synergistic way to create a powerful “entourage” effect that is only obtained with a full spectrum extract. This includes terpenes, some of which are antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial, as well as flavonoids found in many vegetables and fruits, the way nature provides them.

  • How much have cannabis

    and CBD been studied?

    Approximately 30,000 relevant papers in PubMed peer-reviewed articles have been published in the leading scientific journals American Journal of Genetics, Annals of Internal Medicine, Biomedicines, British Journal of Pharmacology, Cell, Frontiers in Psychiatry, Journal of Pain, Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), Journal of Mineral and Bone Research, Journal of Pain Medicine, Nature, Neuropharmacology, Pain, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Science and The Lancet. Links to individual studies can be provided upon request.

    Unfortunately, most doctors know little about this subject and underestimate how much knowledge already exists about an extremely broad range of conditions. When doctors and journalists say that there has been “no research”, they are either wrong or they may mean that they have not seen any large studies the way they are cunducted by the pharma industry.

    Since cannabis is a plant that cannot be patented, pharma has little interest in it and academia does not have the very large funds required for major studies. Nevertheless, much more useful research will undoubtedly be published in the future.

  • How proven are the

    medical benefits of CBD?

    Research into CBD and cannabis has exploded in the past ten years since the substance has been seen to be beneficial in a wide range of diseases and symptoms.

    Its curative effects have been demonstrated in small studies and through the personal experience of hundreds of thousands of people who are using it regularly. CBD has no psychoactive effect, no side effects and is not addictive or harmful. Contrary to pharmaceuticals, it has not caused a single death (there is no fatal dose).

    We make no medical claims for any of our products. Testing and using CBD in the treatment of afflictions and symptoms is the sole responsibility of the person using the product.

  • How can you claim that CBD is harmless and has

    medical benefits?

    After being declared harmless by the European Court of Justice in November of 2020, CBD was included in the European Comission Cosmetic Ingredient Database (COSING) in February 2021 with the following indications:

    • Anti-sebum
    • Skin health
    • Skin protectant
    • Anti-oxidant

    We are using these claims in our product marketing and labeling following EU law, which Switzerland is also guided by. Claims other than the above pertain to the many other natural ingredients, all of which have been specifically selected for their recognized benefits.

  • Are your products

    100% legal?

    Olla Botanicals are focused on medicinally useful cosmetic applications for which cannabidiol (CBD) extract is particularly suited.

    Our cosmeceuticals contain full spectrum cannabis extracts with extremely small amounts of THC in the range of 0.02%, a level not even discernible in standard laboratory tests and far below those permitted in the EU and Switzerland. The Self Care full spectrum oils are lab-certified to contain less than 0.2% THC or 0% respectively. Certificates of Analysis (CoA) for all extracts are available upon request.

    All products are 100% legal cosmetics across Europe and in countries or states where cannabis has been legalized.

  • Are your products

    safe and certified?

    All products are stability tested for a shelf life of 30 months. Also, those containing water-soluble ingredients have passed a microbial test. All 72 ingredients are documented with a CoA (Certificate of Analysis), while the CBD extract is laboratory-certified. All products are safety-tested, certified and registered in the CPNP (Cosmetic Products Notification Portal) portal of the EU Commission for sale in the European Union and Switzerland (the latter in progress).

    Unfortunately, independent studies have repeatedly found that the effective, measured values of the amount of CBD given in milligrams or percentages are sometimes far below those declared on the respective products.

    Olla Botanicals exceeds the high levels of Full Spectrum CBD in all its products by up to 40 mg versus the pack declaration to ensure that it corresponds to the effective values. Independent consumer tests have repeatedly found measured CBD amounts given in milligrams or percentages to sometimes be far below those declared on the respective products.

  • Are your products

    natural or organic?

    Some Olla Botanicals products are 100% organic (e.g. Self Care products from organically grown cannabis extract), others are partly organic. All are made from 100% natural raw ingredients, some of which are COSMOS-Organic or Natrue certified. The company is working towards widely recognized European organic certifications.

  • Where is your product made?

    The entire Olla Botanicals product line is developed and manufactured in Switzerland to the highest quality standards at a cosmetics manufacturing facility that is in the process of obtaining GMP certification.

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