Closer to Nature™ with Organic Hemp

What better way to start a company than to follow your passion! As Olla’s founders, we have enjoyed substantial relief from the products we have developed over the course of three years. And the feedback from friends and acquaintances has been truly inspiring. 

The gratifying craft of working with this miracle of nature allows us to make wonderful remedies that people love. All of our products are organic and laboratory certified to contain an extremely high ratio of active medicinal ingredients.

Olla Botanicals uses artisanal methods throughout and produces in small batches without the use of solvents or industrial processes but with great attention to detail. Our craft hemp extract is made with heat and pressure, that’s all. What you get is a unique full spectrum product with a highly effective, synergistic entourage effect that stands tall above the rest of the hemp crowd.

Olla Botanicals is a registered trademark.